Lead better with BLEISURE COACHING

Marc now brings his hospitality language course to the beach of Lisbon, offering intensive one-on-one coaching for executives.

Whether as a two-day personal kick-off or as motivational leadership training for the (new) employee. For more personality and more leadership competence.
For employers who want to make the famous difference.

BLEISURE COACHING combines the new possibilities of location-independent work with inspiring nature and leisure experiences. Business and Leisure equals Bleisure. Because in this way you get out of your routine and really immerse yourself in new perspectives. Because far away from classic retreats, you find time and space for yourself. Because you learn to lead yourself and people better and to manage tasks with more focus.

Marc himself is pure BLEISURE COACHING: in 2018 he emigrated from Germany to Portugal and has been commuting ever since. Between trainings in good old Germany and online presentations with a terrace view of Lisbon. Between coaching and recharging his batteries in the sun, on a surfboard or with trekking shoes. With BLEISURE COACHING, the trained hotelier becomes a host himself.

Empathic, free of empty phrases, captivating. For more you, more we. For more LET’S TALK HOSPITALITY.

More details?

The business coaching package comprises three units that build on each other and is the result of a joint detailed coordination in advance.

We always recommend the persolog® DISG behavioural model as a basis. This can be booked optionally as an online version or can be part of the coaching programme.

After that, the first coaching unit could focus on the following topics:

Let’s lead:

  • leadership styles, their application, dealing with other generations
  • the first steps of a leader: employee assessment, task lists, induction plans, checklists/procedure descriptions, documentation by means of action plans, employee interviews, motivation

Let’s walk:

The highlight of each coaching session is a leadership expedition of up to 10 kilometres on the beach and the coast to work on the following questions: What are your goals as a leader? / Why is leadership so important? / What are you already doing well? / What are your challenges in the team? / Where do you still need to improve? / Where do the employees stand? / Where do you stand?

The second coaching session can be about:

Lets’ talk:

  • 9 steps for a structured coaching talk with employees: getting familiar with new tasks, corrective or critical talk, behavioural change.
  • praise meets criticism – it’s not what you say but the way you say it
  • controlling teams, implementing consequences
  • coaching conversations using examples of team members

… and possible topics in the third coaching unit:

It’s all about the team:

  • what makes a team? How can team spirit and cohesion be increased? How can trust between managers and employees be improved?
  • employee motivation, but how? Finding out the motivating factors of team members.

The BLEISURE COACHING ends with a final discussion and feedback. We also draw up a plan of action so that the defined points are really put into practice. All preparations, goals, contents and results of the personality or leadership coaching are stored in EDUCATION WORLD, LET’S TALK HOSPITALITY’s own learning platform. Each participant receives their personal documents and working materials for the coaching units.

And … Let’s live:

We invite you to one of our feel-good flats in a typical Portuguese village near the beach on the outskirts of Lisbon.

If you want, you can of course stay longer in Lisbon and extend your stay. Bleisure, that is!

More than desire?

BLEISURE COACHING can be booked directly with us for 2170 Euros.

Just get in touch. Together we will find a suitable date for Lisbon and the perfect individual content.


Are you interested? Leave your contact details and we will contact you at our earliest convenience.


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    +49 89 215441130


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